How do I setup Winamp with ShoutCast?

Using the Winamp and the DSP plugin is pretty easy stuff. The most common issue these days is just outdated Winamp or DSP plugin software. When ShoutCast is updated, or sc_trans is updated sometimes it will not work properly with older DSP plugins. So always be sure to use the most up to date versions.

You will need these: (these are the most recent as of Feb 5th 2015):
Download Winamp 5.6.6 from here - (usually you would go to to get it but they were recently sold so the site is being redesigned and all confusing)
Download the DSP plugin for Winamp 5.6.6 or higher here - (this will only work on winamp 5.6 or higher)

1) Install Winamp
2) Install the DSP plugin
3) Open Winamp, and hit CTRL + P
4) Scroll down to plugins
5) click on DSP/Effect
6) On the right side in the box that pops up look for Nullsoft ShoutCast Source DSP 2.3.5 and click on it.
7) Click on configure active plugin (the button at the bottom)
8) Go through each tab putting in the details you wish, and the login information for the ShoutCast server you are connecting to. You may need to create a DJ account in Centova if you have not already done so.

On the input tab in the settings for the DSP plugin you can either use your soundcard, or winamp as the input device. This is useful if you don't want to use Winamp to play the music, or you want to broadcast audio from a video, or you have some other cool way to dj your music that you want to use but the software doesnt have a way to stream to a shoutcast server. Just ensure that when you broadcast with your soundcard as the input device that you turn off all system sounds as those will be broadcast as well when you are streaming from the soundcard. Can you imagine having a bunch of people listening to some rocking tunes, and then someone calls your Skype and it starts ringing over the could happen lol. This is also a good way to take calls on your live broadcast, because the caller will be coming in through your soundcard. Just make sure the ringer is off.

If you have additional questions, or want to add something to this article please let us know. We are always happy to assist.
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