How do I stream live?

Often times we are contacted because people have a hard time getting connected to the server so they can stream live. It can be confusing at first. Hopefully this brief article will help you out.

When using software that connects to your radio stream so you can stream live from a home or office setting you will need the following information.

  • IP/Host - In Centova check your quicklinks section. This will give you your IP address.
  • Port - This can also be found in your Centova control panel quick links section.
  • Mount - This is usually either /stream or /live
  • Password - This is the streaming password, not the control panel password although they are very similar. Tip is to use the control panel password with the letters "dj" added to the end of it. If you still want to see the whole thing you can find the password located in your settings in Centova control panel. There are two passwords located there. Be sure to use the correct one :)
  • Login - This is not your control panel username. Normally the username/login name they are looking for here is simply "source" without the quotes of course.
  • Type - ShoutCast or IceCast

If you are still having trouble connecting to your stream please be sure to contact us. We can normally assist in getting things straightened out. Sometimes however the software is misconfigured and becomes the issue. So before contacting us please be sure you are absolutely 100% sure that the software your using to broadcast is configured correctly or we could be trouble shooting this in circles :)

Here is a decent free broadcasting tool at
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